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We are excited to present an array of engaging activities lined up just for you at this event! Whether you're here to explore birthing options, come for the brunch and giveaways, or simply have fun, there's something for everyone. Don't miss out on the unique opportunities to have dads try the empathy belly, simulation contractions, a car seat demonstration and much more! We encourage you to dive in and make the most of these enriching experiences. Your participation will not only enhance your own enjoyment but also contribute to the vibrant energy of our community. So, be sure to try out and enjoy every activity we have planned for you!

Car Seat: 11:30am

Car Seat Demonstration

Learn about the different types of car seats and which one is right for your child.

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infant car seat.jpg


Contraction Simulator

If you ever wanted dad to feel "contractions", here's your opportunity!

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Contraction Simulator 1.jpg

Chair Yoga: 11:45am

Pregnancy Chair Yoga

Easy to do yoga from the comfort of a chair.

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Chair Massage

The benefits of massage during pregnancy and after giving birth. 

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Reading Corner/Small children play area

Books and toys for small children. 

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Empathy Belly

Have your partner experience "pregnancy".

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Learn how movement during pregnancy can enhance your experience during labor. 

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